AlbumSee 1.6

Create, edit and view photoalbums and slide show

AlbumSee allows to create, edit and view photoalbums and slide show. It is easy to use and does not require any special skills. With the help of AlbumSee you can quickly create a virtual photoalbum or slide show, edit and e-mail them to your friends. The program supports all basic graphic formats - BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF etc.

AlbumSee consists of two programs: AlbumSee Wizard and AlbumSee Viewer.
AlbumSee Wizard is intended for creation, editing and converting photoalbums. Its interface is constructed on the basis of Wizard, that accelerates and facilitates process of creation an album. Wizard contains the following opportunities: creation / editing of the photos list, adjustment of their hue, brightness, saturation, size and parameters of compression. Also with the help Wizard you can copy, move or send an album by e-mail.

What are photo album and slide show? A photo album is a set of the images and their descriptions, assembled and compressed in one file. Inside a file, images are stored in JPEG format, which provides good compression of photos. A slide show is a photo album, which can be viewed without any other program. Thus we have a photo album, which can be looked by any machine, even if the program AlbumSee is not installed.

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